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How will impacts to the community be accommodated?

The Montana Hard Rock Mining Impact Act, a law unique to Montana and of great importance for local governments, requires a large-scale mineral development to prepare a Hard Rock Mining Impact Plan (“HRMIP”) which describes the social and economic impacts the mineral development will have on affected units of local government. The Company must then provide the local governmental entities funding to address identified financial impacts. Local government entities affected by Black Butte Copper are Meagher County, the City of White Sulphur Springs, and White Sulphur Springs Public School District #8. The agreed Black Butte Copper HRMIP required the Company to place $437,000 into an escrow account available for access by the local government entities as needed during mine construction. Over the years of 2020, 2021, and 2022, all money was drawn from the account for use by these entities. This process undergoes an annual review ensuring that the mine is adequately covering impacts.

What Impact Will A Mine Have On The Community?

Black Butte Copper’s Hard Rock Mining Impact Plan projects that at the peak production phase, Meagher County is projected to have 258 people move in, with 232 of them residing in the City of White Sulphur Springs. This includes 25 Elementary K-8 students and 10 High School students during the production phase which tapers off to four Elementary K-8 students and two High School students near the end of the project. The added mineral development taxable value is projected to be $8,235,000 at peak copper production.

What type of wages will be paid?

Compensation will be based on skill level, experience training and education. Labor positions will begin around $15/hr. for entry level and $29/hr. for experienced miners and include benefit packages for health insurance, sick leave, vacation leave and some form of retirement package. The average wage of workers will be approximately $71,000 per year including benefits. More highly skilled positions could expect compensation packages commensurate with industry standards for Montana and surrounding region.

How many jobs will the Black Butte Copper Project provide?

The construction of Black Butte Copper will bring significant economic benefit for Meagher County and surrounding areas from . The construction of the mine will last 24 months and need approximately 200-400 contracted positions . When the mine opens, the operation will employ approximately 240 full time jobs and 50 full time contractors. Job types will range from underground miners to truck drivers, electricians, mechanics, business and accounting service staff, clerical support staff, human resources staff, management personnel and related occupations such as engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, hydrologists, surveyors, maintenance personnel and other technical support positions.

Are you going to hire local whenever possible?

Yes, local hires are critical in ensuring a stable work force and supporting our local economy. It is important to maximize our local/regional hires. We plan to have local Mine Safety and Health Act (MSHA) trainings and other job trainings that will help the work force prepare for job opportunities.

Tintina Montana Inc. – Black Butte Copper Project’s Innovative Mine Operating Permit Application Submitted

White Sulphur Springs, MT,– December 16, 2015 – Tintina Montana Inc. (“Tintina” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce submission of a Mine Operating Permit (“MOP”) application for the Johnny Lee copper deposit for its Black Butte Copper Project to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (“DEQ”). The application is a comprehensive document detailing the operating plan for one of the highest grade copper developments currently underway in the world.  Read More