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When does the hiring process begin?

There are four stages of a mine: permitting, construction, operations, and reclamation/closure. Each stage will have a different level of employment. 

Permitting: We are currently in the permitting stage; employee needs are minimal. We have 8 full time employees, some part time/temporary employees and several contractors.

Construction: When all required permits for mine construction are obtained, the construction stage will include extensive use of contract labor involving approximately 200 people for 24-36 months. Contractors typically bring in their own core group of experienced people and add to their workforce with local hires. Not all contractors will be on site at the same time.

Operations: Once a mine operating permit is granted, the first hiring phase of operations begins typically consisting of managers, engineers, geologists, environmental scientists and accounting personnel. The second hiring phase includes most other positions and starts about one year after commencement of construction. We estimate a full time operations workforce of approximately 240 employees.

Reclamation/Closure: After mining is complete, a reclamation period will occur where the work force will reduce to approxiamately 25 employees as we completely reclaim the area back to grazing land for the ranch owners.    This will last from 1-3 years.