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Tintina Montana Inc. – Black Butte Copper Project’s Innovative Mine Operating Permit Application Submitted

White Sulphur Springs, MT,– December 16, 2015 – Tintina Montana Inc. (“Tintina” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce submission of a Mine Operating Permit (“MOP”) application for the Johnny Lee copper deposit for its Black Butte Copper Project to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (“DEQ”). The application is a comprehensive document detailing the operating plan for one of the highest grade copper developments currently underway in the world.  Read More

Montana copper mine spurs debate

Tintina Resources says it can protect both the environment and create some 200 jobs with the Black Butte Copper Project because its modern design takes mining to the next level.

“We agree with the conservation community this is important to all of Montana, so we think that everyone deserves to have the facts, not just the people in Meagher County,” said Nancy Schlepp, Tintina’s public relations director.

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Learning from the mistakes of the past

A Montanan’s perspective on designing a safe, successful, modern mining operation

The mistakes of the past, which result in the unfortunate legacy issues people know from historic mining areas, reflect the past lack of knowledge and understanding of the long term impacts on water of various discharges. A great many of today’s standard practices weren’t available to our predecessors; they simply didn’t have the scientific research results nor technology now available to us. This lack of knowledge and foresight also resulted in insufficient bonding amounts. Many legacy issues in Montana are related to open pit mines with much larger volumes of rock, huge waste piles and unlined tailings disposal facilities located directly in waterways. They are completely different than our Black Butte Copper Project.  Read More