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Who is Tintina Resources? Is Tintina a Montana company and how will it operate?

Yes, Tintina is a young company registered in Montana as Tintina Montana Inc. Tintina Resources Inc. started, as most junior mining companies do, on the Canadian venture capital exchange with an office in Vancouver, B.C. As the company grew, it became eligible for listing in the U.S., which it did on the Over The Counter (OTC) exchange, and continues it’s listing in both Canada and the U.S. Most of the staff and all of the assets are American. The initial investment for starting the company came from investors in New York, and more recently from an Australian mining company, Sandfire. Tintina has a highly experienced management team with vast past experience in all types of mining locally, nationally and internationally. When the mine opens, further experienced operators will join the highly professional team with the requisite skills for every facet of a mining operation, and this will include many local residents and others who look forward to returning to our region.