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What Was The Mine Permitting Process?

The rigorous permitting process in Montana includes an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and multiple public comment periods. Black Butte Copper successfully reached the end of a 4-year permitting process when the Montana Department of Environment Quality (DEQ) issued a positive Record of Decision (RoD) on April 9, 2020 that will allow the Black Butte Copper to go forward.

In July of 2020, the Company set in place a reclamation surety bond for the first phase of a two phase development process and in August 2020, the Mine Operating Permit (MOP) for Black Butte Copper was issued by the DEQ with construction under the phase 1 development began August 17, 2020.  Phase 2 will commence upon resolution of the legal challenges and approval of the board with development will allow completion of mine construction in approximately 24 months and requires posting of an additional reclamation bond.