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What happens to the community after the mine is gone?

Our guiding principle on this front is to help the local community become who it wants to be for the next three generations. We are taking several proactive approaches to ensure an economically and socially viable community after the mine is complete. First, in Montana we are fortunate to have the Hard Rock Mining Impact Plan (HRMIP) Act which necessitates planning with the community and making money available to them for transitioning the community out of mining after mine closure and reclamation. Second, we helped create the Meagher County Stewardship Council to oversee the mine on behalf of the community; one of their priorities is establishing long lasting return to the community. Additionally, increased tax revenues generated during the life of the mine will result in city and county infrastructure upgrades providing benefits long after mine closure. Finally, we encourage community members to use this time of increased prosperity during mining to develop new opportunities for themselves.