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What are the core philosophies of Sandfire Resources America?

Community Engagement

Sandfire Resources America Inc. (“Sandfire” or the “Company”) began work at the Black Butte Copper Project north of White Sulphur Springs, Montana in 2010. Sandfire embraces transparency and working with all stakeholders from the local community and surrounding region. We believe an “open door” policy for interaction with interested parties ensures our project is developed in a way that supports the local community economically while protecting social customs and cultures.

Sandfire understands that meaningful community engagement and participation includes learning about and being responsive to the needs of our local community as we build a business model that fits Meagher County. We encourage proactive community discussions that provide the community opportunities for input, sharing of information about Sandfire’s latest activities, and provide the public with avenues for addressing concerns.

Sandfire meets regularly with community/region leaders, hosts public meetings, offers tours of the Black Butte Project, and provides outreach to the surrounding region. These activities will assure the community and public that the Company’s development plan can responsibly access our valuable natural resources, protect the environment and wildlife that is so critically important to all who live here, and provide long-lasting social and economic advantages to local and regional communities.

Social Responsibility

Sandfire continues to be a significant positive economic factor in the Meagher County area. We understand that our social responsibility reaches beyond offering family-wage jobs with transferrable skills sets and tax based support of schools/services. That is why we proudly support local charitable initiatives through donations and sponsorships. The focus of our philanthropy is on education, healthy communities, and health and safety.

Sandfire and its employees contribute time and money to causes including the Mountainview Medical Foundation, local food banks, and youth/school programs.

Local Schools

Sandfire welcomes students of all ages to learn more about our Black Butte Copper Project and mining in general. School kids and college students are encouraged to visit Sandfire to learn more about our exploration activities and to work with our geologists identifying rocks and minerals. Sandfire recognizes that these youth may well be future employees at our mine when the exploration and permitting phases are completed, and is excited to discuss possible career opportunities for those interested in mining.

Please contact us at or (406) 547-3346 to schedule a visit.