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Tintina Resources Inc. provides update on Black Butte Copper Mine Operating Permit Application

Vancouver, B.C. March 18, 2016 – Tintina Resources Inc. (“Tintina” or the “Company”) is pleased to give an update on the progress at its Black Butte Project and processes underway through the Mine Operating Permit (MOP) application.

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has completed its initial Completeness and Compliant review of Tintina’s application for a mine operating permit.  As part of Montana’s statutory process, the DEQ has responded with the first ‘deficiency letter’ outlining a number of matters to be corrected or clarified and where further data is required. This letter is available on the Black Butte project website under the transparency library. Read More

Tell us about the Sandfire Board of Directors?

Sandfire is proud of our extremely experienced four person board including three US citizens with many years of industry experience in many facets of the industry including two mining geologists, one mining engineer and a financial experts. The board make-up includes representation from our two major investor groups Electrum and Sandfire Resources (a modern Australian mining company). All board members have strong commitments to our motto, “doing it right from the beginning” and improving the communities in which they work.Read More

Who is Tintina Resources? Is Tintina a Montana company and how will it operate?

Yes, Tintina is a young company registered in Montana as Tintina Montana Inc. Tintina Resources Inc. started, as most junior mining companies do, on the Canadian venture capital exchange with an office in Vancouver, B.C. As the company grew, it became eligible for listing in the U.S., which it did on the Over The Counter (OTC) exchange, and continues it’s listing in both Canada and the U.S. Most of the staff and all of the assets are American. The initial investment for starting the company came from investors in New York, and more recently from an Australian mining company, Sandfire.Read More

What is the mission statement of the company?

At Sandfire Resources America’s Black Butte Copper Project, we have committed ourselves to responsible development and adhere to our core values of implementing responsible environmental practices, and contributing long lasting benefits to local communities and to society.