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Is copper important for producing electricity?

Yes, about 65% of copper is used in electrical applications such as power generation and transmission of electricity, transformers, motors, bush bars, generators, etc. Copper is used to provide electricity throughout the country and world safely and efficiently. In the case of electrical equipment, it is used in wiring and contacts for PC, TV, mobile phones and circuitry. It is also a vital input for building wind generators and in hybrid/electric cars.

Where will the copper go after you bring it out of the mine?

Once copper mining is underway, the material must pass through a milling process where the rock is ground into the consistency of fine flour (38 microns) and about 12% of it, which is the ore mineral, chalcopyrite, is ‘floated’ away from the rest through a process called flotation. This material creates a 24% copper concentrate which will be trucked (between 15-18/day) to rail in sealed containers where it shipped off site and sold to a smelter or concentrate buyer. The copper concentrate will likely be shipped overseas to a copper smelter and refined into copper metal as there is little smelter capacity left in North America. We will determine which railhead would be used during our upcoming feasibility study with the most likely candidates being Livingston or Townsend.